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I wanted to say how easy it was to deal with Caroline (Antwan Lawyers).
She was honest, fair and always told me just how it was.

I appreciated that. She never encouraged me to be dishonest, ugly or talk negative in my matter – unlike my ex!!! In the end the truth came out and I feel whole again.

I have NO reservation recommending Antwan Lawyers.

“Thanks so much”

– Partick

“Caroline held my hand and gently guided me through some of the most horrible times of my life.

The thing that stands out most about Caroline is the unusual combination of her knowledge of the law, her manifest skill in and out of the court room and her unusual ability to listen.

She has a tender exterior that wraps itself around a tough core of intelligence, humour and resolve. She never dropped the ball in my case. Whether by my side or in the background, Caroline got me to the finish line. I am not only grateful, but all the more empowered by this experience.”

Jane from Potts Point
I would like to thank Caroline Antwan and all at Antwan Lawyers for all their professional help with my recent divorce. Caroline had a very calming effect and handled everything with such a professional and confident manner – nothing was too much trouble; always made to feel at ease. Would definately recommend.
Vivienne H
Drink Driving is a serious matter and driving safely in all situations is of paramount importance.

I not only got behind the wheel after drinking I also was charged with mid range PCA Offence on April Fools day 2014. I had not intended to drive and this foolish decision cost me greatly. I was so upset and couldn’t believe the predicament I found myself in. I searched the internet and found Antwan Lawyers. I was comfortable and struck by the professional, personal and friendly manner in which I was initially greeted with. I met with Caroline and I followed her experienced advice and direction. Caroline represented me in court and I was granted a Section 10 and was placed on a good behaviour bond for 12 months. I was so relieved and appreciative of the outcome. I recommend Caroline and Antwan Lawyers and thank them for their help and guidance.

Mick from Sydney, More Testimonials
Hi Mark (Antwan Lawyers)

I wanted to thank you and Caroline for brilliant result on Friday at Campbelltown Court where you represented me on the matter of a mid range PCA and negligent driving charge.
I’m glad I followed both yours and Caroline’s advice in preparing for the case as much as possible.
The Driving Offenders program, coupled with my references and visits to a D& A counsellor (I think) played a part in the results that were achieved.
Your professionalism and tenacity in court carried with a sense of respect for the Magistrate (in my view) aided what I initially thought was going to be a severe sentence.

Your help was fantastic.

Thank you so much for helping get a section 10 regarding my low range Drink Driving PCA Charge. This was the best possible outcome and I’m ecstatic that this was the end result.

You were very helpful and directed me to the appropriate steps which allowed us to be well prepared and ultimately achieve this outcome.

I wish you all the best.

– Andrew

Last year I recently got my Second DUI (Drink Driving Charge) and first DWD before the Christmas period of 2013, so in total 3 major offenses in 5yrs. I was so devastated and sure that this was going to be the hardest time in my life and it was…. I researched so many Drink Driving Lawyers and so many were charging me beyond belief.I came across Antwan Lawyers who specialize with these cases. The day of my court appearance i was so stressed but that changed as my stress and depression levels completely dropped when i left the courthouse that day with relief and a smile. Antwan lawyers got me the reduced sentence of a lifetime. I really thought I would be facing severe charges such as community service and possibly jail time. The outcome wasn’t even close… it was brilliant!!
I’d like to thank Caroline from Antwan Lawyers. She was able to get me an extremely favourable result recently with regards to a serious driving offence, a much better result than I expected.
I found Caroline to be professional, hardworking and transparent. I’d be happy to recommend Antwan Lawyer’s to any of my family of friends.
Rob – M 9/2/16
Rob M
Thanks you so much for saving my life. I was charged with a Mid range PCA offence and was devastated as my Job is greatly dependent on my clean driver’s license .I was lucky enough to find Antwan Lawyers where I met Caroline who explained our possible outcomes especially the worst case scenario. She is very professional and made me feel that my case is safe in her hands. She suggested doing Traffic offender’s Intervention Program (TOIP) and some home works and I have strictly followed her instructions. Caroline’s Professional approach in the court helped me to get Section (10).
I am Ecstatic over my great result. I couldn’t believe the result as I thought minimum six months loss of driver’s license is imminent since my reading was 0.101 which is high for mid range. I sincerely thank Caroline giving my life back.
I highly recommend Antwan Lawyers for Drink drive offences. They are best in the business