Have you obtained a judgment in your favour and now wishing to enforce this Court order? The team at Antwan Lawyers can assist you and may suggest applying to the Court to have the judgment debtor bankrupted. To make such an application the creditor must establish that the debtor has committed an act of bankruptcy. Once this is shown, a Sequestration order is made by the Federal Circuit Court, making the debtor bankrupt.


What does it mean to be Bankrupt

Bankruptcy is an option of last resort. You can voluntarily declare yourself bankrupt if you cannot pay your debts, however this will have ramifications on your credit rating and may affect your capacity to rent a home and may have a long-term stigma to your reputation. On the other hand, you may be made bankrupt by an application to Court. In that instance Antwan Lawyers can assist you to challenge the application to make you bankrupt and have the judgment debt set aside if you have legal grounds. We will discuss your matter with you and offer you a range of options to suit your individual circumstances.


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