Caught Speeding?

We can all get in a rush sometimes. This can cause us to speed while we are driving. Sometimes it is for good reason that we are speeding, such as having a medical emergency to attend to. However, when you are pulled over for driving over the speed limit, the Police may not care why you are speeding. Sometimes, you may feel threatened or scared to tell the police the reason you were speeding. If you have been caught speeding by a fixed camera, you may not even get the opportunity to explain yourself.

There are specific instructions that have been set out by the Law for the Police which explain how that are allowed to use various hand held or other radar guns for detecting speed of drivers. These instructions must be followed by the Police at all times. If they have not been, and you are issued with a speeding fine, you have a right to challenge that fine. \

I was Caught by the Camera – What Does that Mean?

 Just because you were caught speeding by a camera does not mean you have no rights to challenge the offence and the fine. In fact, as a driver, there are lots of laws that have been implemented to protect your rights when you are on the road. These rights also protect your rights when you are accused of doing something wrong, such as speeding. Generally, drivers in Australia are protected from illegal entrapment. This law requires most police vehicles to be marked and in full sight to allow drivers the chance to observe the posted speed signs.

If the camera that caught your speeding was hidden or not clearly marked, you may have a right of appeal and your speeding fine may be set aside.

This is What Traffic Lawyers Can Do for You!

Traffic Lawyers can review the circumstances in which you were caught speeding. We can then provide you with specific advice about your rights to challenge the penalty.

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The team at Traffic Lawyers is a team of supportive, knowledgeable and skilled lawyers who specialise in all speeding matters. They understand the fundamental principles of the applicable laws and how they affect you and your rights. The lawyers at Traffic Lawyers have practiced in Traffic and Speeding matters for a long time and have acquired, over the years, all the expertise required to argue your case and win.

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