Disqualification, Suspension & Cancellation- the Differences Explained

Understanding the difference between a disqualified licence, a suspended licence and a cancelled licence can be mind boggling. We have tried to de-mystify this……….


What Happens if my Licence has been Disqualified by a Court?

Firstly, it is important to note that demerit points are not affected by a Court imposed disqualification. Any demerit points on your licence offence……….

What if I commit a demerit point offence while driving outside of NSW?

The National Driving Licensing Scheme (NDLS) has been adopted by all Australian jurisdictions. The NDLS provides that the details of certain driving offences……….


What if I hold a licence from another state or territory and I commit a driving offence in NSW?

In NSW, if you hold a licence from another state or territory, and you commit a driving offence, you are required to pay the fine in NSW. In circumstances where there is a demerit point to be applied, details of the offence will be sent your home state………..

What is the difference between a Court imposed disqualification and a police or RMS suspension?

The suspension of a licence is where the RMS withdraws your licence for a period of time and after the withdrawal period the licence becomes valid again……….