Antwan Lawyers is a firm who is committed to providing Australians with expert legal services. Our focus is to provide each and every client with the best advice and direction in their matter and this is why when you call, our solicitors will spend more time with you on the telephone to identify your needs. If we can assist you, we will arrange for an appointment with one of our expert solicitors to obtain further instructions from you and to provide you with further insight about the help that is available to you legally. If we cannot assist you, we will be honest and upfront about it from the start and if possible refer you to other appropriate channels for assistance.

Sometimes, solicitors can be tied up in court or other commitments. If this is the case, we will take your details and have someone call you back as soon as possible.
You can rest assured that at Antwan Lawyers, your needs and your matter is our priority. Your interest is our only interest, and all our discussions are completely confidential.
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